Hoisting Equipment, Handling Equipment, Storage Equipment - U.D.S. International Ltd.
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We Move Things

A detail that's easily overlooked, however lifting, handling and storage of raw materials, components and various products can decrease up to 30% of any organization's input. For this reason, today more than ever, logistic efficiency can make the difference between success and failure.

U.D.S. International Ltd, founded in 1987, imports, markets and services hoisting, handling and storage equipment.

The company is the sole representative in Israel for more than 20 of the world's leaders in the field, putting special emphasis on the quality, reliability, ease of use and safety of the equipment. Our products provide our customers with the most efficient logistic solutions, as well as improving management of the chain of supplies, giving them a significant competitive advantage. That's why we are constantly up-dating; to be able to provide our customers with the newest, most advanced solutions, perfectly suited to their needs.

We present a different approach to the field of logistics, believing it to be a field that is developing significantly in Israel and the world – a field where quality, efficiency, ease of use and safety will take a major role. We have taken it upon ourselves to set the standard and be the leaders in Israel.

Our step-by-step system promises our customers a unique buying experience:
Consulting with experienced professionals to choose the optimal solution to your needs
Choosing from our range of top quality products the one that will best answer your needs
Placing an order with our uncompromising, professional team
Receiving your order on time, just as you expected
Knowing that you have a business partner that will serve you and stand at your side when you really need it.
Hoisting Equipment, Handling Equipment, Storage Equipment - U.D.S. International Ltd.
Service – Our service department employs skilled and experienced technicians, electricians and hydraulic workers, to provide our customers with maintenance and repair services at our modern service center or in the field with our nationwide mobile service unit. Our spare parts warehouse carries thousands of items, supporting the department.

The company carries ISO9001:2008 quality approval; is under supervision of the Israel Standards Institute and for 20 years has been a certified supplier for the Ministry of Defense (Supplier No. 83951597).

Among our customers are the country's leading companies, such as: Israel Electric Corp, Israel Aerospace Industries, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, Intel, Oil Refineries Ltd, Nesher Israel Cement Enterprises, Osem, Ormat, Elbit Systems, Strauss, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, Tnuva, Coca Cola, Mey Eden, and many more from all fields of industry.

The company is located in the industrial area of Holon, in a modern industrial building of 2,000sqm, and includes the only one of its kind showroom and demonstration center, offices, warehouse and service center.
34 Hahofer, Ind. Zone, Holon, Zip Code 58858
Tel: 03-5599811  |  Fax: 03-5584086  |  E-mail: udsltd@netvision.net.il